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WHAT WE DO? We are a Canadian based venture start-up with a passion for Blockchain technology, crypto assets, digital mining and everything in between! We aim to be different and help other open their eyes to the wonderful world of digital assets and consult on any number of topics.

The founder Brian Paulson has been involved with Bitcoin since 2017 and only continued to learn and expand his knowledge of digital blockchain. Brian is currently studying blockchain technology at MIT virtually, and in his spare time runs various crypto mining rigs, and actively follows EVERYTHING crypto. Reach out today for a FREE consultation on how our services can help you.

We are NOT financial advisers and will NOT act as a stock broker or investment tip professional. We will help you to LEARN – Teach a man to fish versus give a man a fish. If our services are of continued interest to you, we offer fair consulting rates relevant to our expertise on the topic.

We offer CLEAR, UPFRONT consulting pricing and will NEVER touch your MONEY or CRYPTO. Much like a lawyer would consult you on matters, we offer a similar style consulting approach. Upfront convenient pricing, we will personally speak with you via phone/Teams/Zoom, etc. At a convenient time for YOU.

After our discussion we will provide you with a professional recap of our conversation and any links to items we believe will help you. To be clear again: We are NOT financial advisors – we kinda think they suck, and are more interested in YOUR money and not YOUR investments.

We will NEVER touch your money or digital assets – we offer you straight clear upfront pricing for our consulting services ONLY. Our first (100) clients will receive FREE access to our WEEKEND RECAP newsletter called THINGS I’M INTO written by the founder Brian Paulson until Dec 31, 2021. After that a membership for the newsletter alone is expected for later clients. ($100 value) Reach out today for a


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TESTIMONIALS I would like to personally endorse and thank bpb.Enterprises & CryptoKeeperCanada.com. The knowledge provided by their lead crypto expert Brian Paulson is nothing short of amazing. I only really started to become involved in Crypto 6 months ago, after reading their weekly newsletters.

I found the task of self-research on Cypto very difficult on the internet, due to the variations of opinions by people that may not be exactly experts on Crypto. CryptokeeperCanda takes the time to complete market research and provide you with direct links to the experts that know what they are talking about. As well many important topics are discussed outside of just the Crypto investment itself, such topics as tax implications, Robot AI trading to remove emotion from trading, how to balance traditional investment portals (RRSP, TFSA etc..) , and discussion on the fiat economy and where it is heading.

This expert advice is priceless to people new to Crypto or investing in general. Keep up the great work CryptokeeperCanada! Steve Johnson – Toronto, Canada As a new investor in crypto, I decided to take advatage of the advice I received from Brian.

He was able to explain the basics of crypto currencies such as:  BTC and Ethereum,  enough so to give me the confidence to begin investing.  His help with the mechanics of getting started has been invaluable.  I intend to continue working with him to expand my understanding and involvement in the market. Graeme McLeod – Hamilton, Ontario I personally believe he is able to provide an outside looking in type of overview.

Have you ever been in a position where you know the business in and out, but your not held up by the snags and encumbrances because you have a bigger vision and not constricted by that inner circle processes and practices.  Well that’s exactly what you’ll find with Mr. Paulson.   I’ve seen him process good yields, bring forth his vision, and explain it to you in crystal clarity with no unclear terms or issues.   Mikael Scottoefa – Woodbridge, Ontario